When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria in early February, a global force of volunteers made their way to the region for relief efforts. Zinnia’s own camera operator and editor, Se Jin Kim, joined his church’s mission to Turkey from February 23–26.

“Our goal,” said Se Jin, “was to help people in need from the earthquake. Big cities were getting help from the Turkish government and other organizations, but small towns were out of attention due to priorities and limited resources.”

While providing relief services in these out-of-the-way villages, Se Jin was moved by the moments of grace he and his fellow missionaries witnessed, and used his camera to begin documenting the experience.

“We were there to help them with food and other sanitary necessities,” he said. “I also wanted to share the emotions I felt for the Turkish people through my video.”

We’ve been moved by the footage Se Jin captured, and are happy to share some of his work.