Mixing Concrete: Story Telling and Client Goals

Ever since Story Farm dropped this ad for EVERYBODY.WORLD's "recycled" tee shirt in June, we've been struck by the organic way it links the story behind the product to the client's mission. Take a look:

By taking a product -- a tee shirt made from recycled material -- and literally building a narrative from found footage and audio, Story Farm draws a direct, unforgettable line between the tee shirt, the ad, and the brand. 

It is concrete story-telling personified, and a reminder that the best story can be found in the "everyday" details we sometimes have a knee-jerk reaction to dismiss. 

As creatives, how often do we meet a client and automatically jump to metaphors for telling their story? Or at the other end, how often do we simply state the client's goal, ad nauseam, opting for the purely concrete instead of the concrete story? 

An ad like this can be just the kick in the pants we need to remember: dig a little deeper into the amazing stories of the everyday. 

You can check out more about the creative behind the ad at AdForm.

_ MB